Diamond Upgrade

Step by Step Open Purchase for a Progressive Carat Increase of Your Diamond


By purchasing on our website you can benefit from the upgrading of your diamond.

What is a diamond upgrade?

Each diamond purchased from Fullcut can be changed at any time for a heavier one or for one of higher value without losing one single cent on the first or on diamonds bought later on for upgrading. You can set an extra budget to increase the carat weight of your diamond and we will deliver a bigger one equal in value to the total amount you have spent. Thus once a year you can invest step by step a small amount of money and be the owner of a bigger and more valuable stone.

It is tradition to upgrade a diamond given as a christening present. It’s a fantastic gift to accompany the child into adulthood:  you can decide to upgrade the diamond every year up to the age of 18, changing it with one of higher quality, with a small increase in price.

To upgrade your diamond, the stone must be in its original condition and internal packaging, still inside the sealed anti-counterfeiting blister which must be intact and never opened, alongside with its numbered certificate issued by IGI of Antwerp: they must be returned together.

To upgrade your diamond, please write us a message via e-mail: [email protected]


Luxury Aluminum gift case customizable with your inscription, to celebrate every occasion

Each diamond purchased from Fullcut can be changed at any time for a heavier one or for one of higher value

All our diamonds and stones have money back guarantee and free return within 14 days

A diamond for every occasion

A real diamond, the purest ever. Grown by man in the laboratory.
Fascinating, mysterious and rare: the black diamond is Blackcut.
A declaration of love, an engagement or a wedding anniversary, a birthday or a romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day - Lovecut the heart-shaped diamond is the perfect gift to declare or renew your love.
The birth of a child is a special event, to celebrate with a precious gift that remains forever, like a Babycut diamond, customizable with your inscription to the newborn.
Fullcut it's the classic round brilliant diamond to celebrate life's important occasions with a classy gift that fixes the moment forever.
Zodiacut - The birthstones of the zodiac