When to Give a Diamond

A Gift Diamond to Celebrate All Important Occasions

 A diamond is a gift that expresses exclusive love, trust, esteem and appreciation towards the receiver.

The Fullcut gift diamonds represent the translation of a noble sentiment into a real elegant gesture that worth a thousand words.

Every Fullcut Diamonds line responds to every need to celebrating the important occasions of life in a brilliant way, with a gift that stay in the memories and the heart of the receiver.

Starting from the arrival of a new baby to a graduate party, from birthdays to engagement to the golden jubilee, there’s a shiny diamond though to be given in the right occasion.

Fullcut diamonds are in fact inserted in precious exclusive aluminium cases with laser inscriptions, with a personalized message.

There are four lines of diamonds which are the perfect gift for all occasions. 

  • Fullcut, the traditional line with the classic round cut, thought for gifts that mark an important moment in everyday’s life, or better, to make every moment of your life important: being it the 18th birthday or the next milestones, a degree, a wedding, the maid of honor’s present, a complimentary gift for a top manager. Or it’s just a moment you wanna make more precious without waiting for special anniversaries or holidays, to renew your love and esteem to people you care about. The Fullcut gift diamond is ready to be given in an exclusive aluminium case with laser inscription, in pink gold or silver, and a personalized message.


  • Babycut, with its classic round cut is the gift diamond for new-born babies and children, a unique present to wish a shiny future to a new life, to children and teenagers. Babycut is a surprising gift, perfect for a baby-shower, a christening, and communion or a confirmation, and why not, for a fantastic birthday! It’s a traditional gift that expresses love and it’s always very welcome by parents, a little treasure that tomorrow will still be here, to remind the child about you. And once the baby has grown up, he or she will have an objet that has kept its value in time, free to choose what to do with it. And for a fantastic gift to accompany the child into adulthood, you can decide to upgrade the diamond every year up to the age of 18, changing it with one of higher quality, with a small increase in price. Babycut is ready to be given in its exclusive aluminium case with laser inscription, in pink, baby-blue or green, with a personalized message.

  • Lovecut is the exclusive heart-shaped diamond line, to celebrate all loves. The diamond in the shape of a heart is in fact the stone of love par excellence, and since ancient times it has represented the symbol of eternal devotion and friendship for the receiver. A declaration of love, an engagement, a marriage proposal or a wedding anniversary, a birthday or a way to celebrate a special Valentine's Day - a heart-shaped Lovecut diamond is the perfect gift to declare or renew your love. The Lovecut aluminium case is of course red, symbolising love. 

  • Mycut is the diamond as you wish it to be. It reflects your taste and your wishes and can be set in a customized jewel or can be the ideal gift for the receiver. With Mycut you can choose carats, cut, colour and clarity as well as the type or case and inscription on it. 

A diamond is a gift foran important occasion. Prices start from 149,00€


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