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Fullcut: four lines of gift diamonds to make each occasion in your life unique.


A Gift Diamond to make every day a special one.

Fullcut is the gift diamond for all occasions – for a marriage proposal, a celebration, to express one’s love or esteem and friendship, all beyond words. Fullcut is also an elegant present for a wedding or an exclusive complimentary gift for top managers.

The aluminium case is also available in pink gold or silver.


The Gift Diamond for New-born babies and Children

A refined way to give something really precious for a baby shower, christening, first communion and confirmation and, why not, for a fantastic birthday!

Babycut gift cases are available in baby blue, pink and green as well as in aluminium with laser inscriptions.


The Heart-shaped Gift Diamond for your Loved on

Lovecut is the gift diamond that makes every moment special if you are with the love of your life. It can be a birthday, an anniversary, a new love ready to be openly declared or an engagement –a message to the person who is your beating heart.

The Lovecut case is of course red, symbolising love.