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A Gift Diamond – A Brilliant Idea to Show Your Professional Esteem

A Fullcut LCG gift diamond is a precious present in the luxury class of corporate gifts. It is a complimentary gift which sends a message of everlasting loyalty and esteem to the receiver. It can be personalized with the company’s logo. 

A corporate gift is a gesture that shows attention, respect and professional esteem from you and your company to those individuals who contribute to the flourishing of your business – employees, customers, suppliers, partners and associates. 

In occasions such as Christmas or in other important circumstances like the reaching of the company’s targets, a present to staff and managers is a good way to show esteem and gratitude. 

Not all corporate presents are the same but each one reflects the position and the importance of the receiver. 

In many cases an important present is both an occasion for establishing a closer working relationship and the best way to recognise how important the receiver is for you and your business. 

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IGI certified gift diamonds

in gift boxes with a unique design.

A diamond as a gift for an important occasion. Prices start from 99€