The Guarantee of the IGI Certification

Why to Buy Only Diamonds Certified by International Independent Institutes

We only sell diamonds certified by the International Gemological Institute.

All Fullcut diamonds are certified by IGI of Antwerp and are sold in a special anti-counterfeit blister, along with a numbered certificate listing carat, clarity, colour and cut, and certifying their proved value on both national and international markets.

All the diamonds you buy on our site are guaranteed by the International Certification made by IGI, which is the largest, trusted impartial and independent certification institute in the world. Diamonds and gemstones indeed are not all the same, and their value change in consequence of the unique characteristics of every gem. You can buy with confidence your diamond on, because the IGI Certification that accompanies it and guarantees the value of the gem, is accepted and recognized all over the world.

By entering the certificate number in the IGI website you can ascertain in real time the authenticity of your stone.

Your certified diamond is sent to you inside the special anti-counterfeiting blister packed by IGI, and linked in an unequivocal way to the certification that guarantees its qualities according to the international standard of 4C rule – which stands for carat, color, clarity, and cut – along with the registered identification number to trace back.

In fact, buying and selling a diamond should be possible only together with the certificate that proves its quality: the IGI Certification is the basis of trust and confidence in the gemological world, and you have to consider it as an essential part of any diamond transaction. Certified diamonds are durable goods within everybody’s grasp: a precious gift and a little investment destined to hold its value and to increase it in time. 

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