Fullcut Gift Diamond

Fullcut by B.G.EL Europe Bvba

Fullcut: four lines of gift diamonds to make each occasion in your life unique.

Fullcut presents four lines of diamonds which are the perfect gift for all occasions. Fullcut, the traditional line. Babycut for new-born babies and children, the heart-shaped Lovecut line and the customised Mycut.

The Fullcut line is designed for gifts which mark an important moment in life – birthdays, graduations and weddings, or more simply, turn an normal day into an important one by showing your affection to your loved ones without waiting for any particular date or occasion.

Babycut is the line for new-born babies and children – the mot resplendent gift for a brilliant future. It is a surprisingly perfect gift for a baby shower, a christening and for children’s birthdays. A traditional present to show one’s affection, always gratefully accepted by parents and a little treasure which will always be there as a memory of your love. Furthermore, it is the type of present which will always keep its value. 

The Lovecut line, with its unmistakable and exclusive heart-shape design will always represent a declaration of your love. It is a lover’s present par excellence with its traditional meaning of love, strength and devotion.

Mycut is the diamond as you want it. It can be chosen for its carats, colour and clarity embodying the taste of the receiver. 

Fullcut is a Belgian start-up by B.G.EL Europe Bvba, a company member of the Antwerp Diamond Exchange, established 40 years ago. 

Its core business is the production of gift diamonds to celebrate with class and style all important occasions.

With a wide range of weight in carats Fullcut selects and sells only top quality diamonds certified by the most important independent gemmological institute in the world, the IGI of Antwerp

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