Our values

Fullcut Diamonds is located in Belgium, Antwerp, in Pelikaanstraat, right in the heart of the most important Diamond District of the world.

We are members of the Antwerp Diamond Exchange, with over 40 years of activity in the selection and sale of the best stones on the market.

We believe in the values of beauty and quality, because a gift is the symbol of the feeling and esteem towards the person who receives it: from the packaging to the content everything must be impeccable and express care, sophistication and attention.

Give a diamond it is the perfect way to fix a unique moment, an important occasion, a date to remember with a gift that remains and with a certain and recognized value.

To ensure you the value of your purchase on our website, all of our diamonds are certified and
numbered by IGI Antwerp, the biggest, independent, international gemological institute in the world. This certificate represents the value of the stone and is recognized all over the world: it is a real passport that guarantees you a real and impartial classification of the diamond, carried out by a super partes institution that is responsible for declaring the 4C – unlike home-made certificates, i.e. produced directly by the companies that sell diamonds – and accompanied by the card with a QR code that allows you to trace back in real time on the IGI’s official website all the information of the stone you have purchased:

  • identification number
  • certification date
  • stone description
  • shape and cut
  • carat
  • sizes
  • color
  • clarity
  • cut
  • fluorescence



All our diamonds are guaranteed conflict free and come from countries not involved in conflicts of war.


We only buy from suppliers who comply with the ethical supply chain according to the Kimberley Process, which involves tracing diamonds from the mine to the final market.
War diamonds, also known as blood diamonds, are rough stones used by rebel movements or their allies to finance armed conflicts in order to overthrow legitimate and UN-recognized governments.
The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is an international certification regulating the rough diamond trade. Its purpose is to prevent the flow of war diamonds and to help protect the legitimate exchange of rough stones.

Luxury Aluminum gift case customizable with your inscription, to celebrate every occasion

Each diamond purchased from Fullcut can be changed at any time for a heavier one or for one of higher value

All our diamonds and stones have money back guarantee and free return within 14 days

A diamond for every occasion

A real diamond, the purest ever. Grown by man in the laboratory.
Fascinating, mysterious and rare: the black diamond is Blackcut.
A declaration of love, an engagement or a wedding anniversary, a birthday or a romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day - Lovecut the heart-shaped diamond is the perfect gift to declare or renew your love.
The birth of a child is a special event, to celebrate with a precious gift that remains forever, like a Babycut diamond, customizable with your inscription to the newborn.
Fullcut it's the classic round brilliant diamond to celebrate life's important occasions with a classy gift that fixes the moment forever.
Zodiacut - The birthstones of the zodiac