How To Buy – FAQ

A guide to purchase a diamond – what to know before buying a diamond online


Before selecting your gift you should make the best choice in terms of quality and price.

Should you choose to give a diamond, Fullcut will make your task easier offering a line of IGI Antwerp certified gift diamonds designed for special occasions when the gift must be capable of the circumstances. 


I have set a budget to buy my gift diamond. How do I choose the stone?

Setting a budget is the first step towards buying a present especially when the gift is an important one such as a diamond. The value of the stone is based on a combination of four parameters also knows as the 4Cs of diamond quality that is Carat (the stone’s weight), Cut (the stone’s shape and proportions), Color and Clarity.

Therefore, when choosing a diamond one should decide whether to buy a bigger stone with a colour of inferior quality (yellower) and/or minor clarity (more inclusions) or a smaller but colorless stone (D, E or F color) with almost no inclusions or none at all.

To make your choice easier Fullcut selects and sells only fine cut diamonds with the highest quality combination of color and clarity. Furthermore, our stones are all certified by IGI the International Gemological Institute of Antwerp, Belgium.


I have heard about the 4Cs of diamond quality and would like to know more about it. In other words, what do the 4Cs stand for?

The 4C rule is the basis on which a diamond is valued, that is through the analysis of its 4 factors typifying the stone. It is so called because the English words used for the correct certification of diamonds are carat, cut, color and clarity.


What is a carat?

A carat is the unit of weight which refers to a diamond’s mass (dimension). The price of a stone is not only based on its dimensions but increases exponentially vis-a-vis its weight in carats since big diamonds are a rare find. Moreover, also factors such a s cut, color and clarity contribute to determine the diamond’s price.

FULLCUT DIAMONDS sells diamonds from 0.04 ct to 0.50. Also stones of higher weight in carats are readily available upon request. To request a diamond with carats other than those in the online shop, please contact [email protected]  to receive a personalized offer.


What is a diamond’s cut?

A cut refers to the proportions and the finishing of a polished diamond. The proportions are its dimensions as well as the ratio between the facets and the various parts of the stone. The finishing includes the polishing and the details of the shapes as well as the position of the facets. A well cut diamond reflects the light internally, one facet mirroring another, dispelling and reflecting it through the apex. The more refined the cut is the brighter is the stone’s glow or “brilliance”.

FULLCUT  DIAMONDS only sells finely cut diamonds. 


What is a diamond’s color?

A diamond’s color is assessed by a descending scale from ‘D’ to ‘Z’. The letter ‘D’ represents the top grade (colorless) whereas the letter ‘Z’ means that the stone shows an evident typically yellow hue. When a stone shows a color saturation higher than ‘Z’ it is considered an atypically colored diamond and is assessed by a different scale. These types of diamonds are extremely valuable – most of them are yellow or brown and, more rarely, pink, blue and red.

FULLCUT DIAMONDS only sells diamonds falling into two of the highest color categories, River (D, E and F colors) and Wesselton (G and H colors).


What is a diamond’s clarity?

Most diamonds, except the perfect ones, show natural imperfections commonly defined as “nature’s fingerprints”. These inclusions may be white, black or colourless. Many inclusions are only visible with a 10x magnification. Diamonds are classified by a scale going from “internally clear” (without inclusions visible below a 10x magnification) to “included” (visible by the naked eye).

FULLCUT diamonds are included into the two highest clarity grades – VVS (very very small inclusions) and VS (very small inclusions).


What is the plastic card included in the gift box?

It is the numbered gemological certificate issued by IGI of Antwerp. The card shows the complete grading of the diamond and certifies its value. This is a proper diamond’s international passport valid worldwide which guarantees the authenticity of your purchase. By entering the certificate number in the IGI website you can ascertain in real time the authenticity of your stone.


What are the benefits of having an international gemological certificate?

This certificate makes your purchase totally safe. Since the quality of your diamond has been independently assessed you have the guarantee that yours was an informed purchase and that the stone is worth exactly the price paid. Furthermore, the certificate guarantees that the diamond is a true natural stone. A certificate issued by an independent laboratory such as IGI of Antwerp is internationally recognized.