Known as the stone of universal truth and friendship, Lapis Lazuli favors the harmony of relationships, a fundamental question for the sign of Libra. At the same time, Lapis Lazuli also favors the expression of the self, which can sometimes prove particularly tiring for this sign, always in search of peace.
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The birthstone you are about to buy is enclosed in a special anti-counterfeiting blister: the plastic card you find in the package describes the characteristics of the gem associated to the zodiac sign and guarantees the authenticity of your purchase.

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Buying this birthstone you have free shipping and return. The product will be shipped within a business day or at most the following day, and you will receive it in 1 - 5 days, depending on the type of shipment (express/standard) required. By choosing the inscription with personalized print on the box, you can still make the return, but you will be refunded for the amount spent minus the cost of printing, which amounts to 20 euros.


Cut: Oval
Quality: Natural Lapis Lazuli (size 8x12 mm)
Box: Satinized aluminum gift box in yellow gold
Customization: Customizable with your inscription
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Special diamonds for uncommon gifts


An universal conductor capable of reflecting pure white light, the rock crystal illuminates thoughts and awakens the spirit: it is connected with heaven and the zodiac sign of the Aquarius.


Legendary purple stone, it is a symbol of prosperity and health, as well as birthstone of the zodiac sign of Pisces to which it gives balance.


A bithstone of volcanic origin, black onyx is connected to the I chakra and to the sign of Capricorn to which it gives strength and discipline.


Turquoise is one of the oldest stones used to make jewelry. This gem vibrates with many chakras and is associated with the Sagittarius, to which improves communication and creativity.


Aquamarine, the sea water crystal, is the stone that helps to overcome the problems of the past and stimulates changes in the spirit. Associated with Scorpio, it helps this sing to clarify his emotions.


Always used as a powerful talisman, the blue sapphire is a royal stone, associated with the sign of Virgo, which helps in concentration and self-discipline.


Gem that recalls gold, the primordial element of Leo, the yellow diamond infuses light and strength to this sign, promoting relief from everyday' stress.


The natural pearl is perhaps the first gem known to man and represents the sign of Cancer, which helps to overcome daily adversities with calm.


Agate is an ancient stone, already present in the Bible, which manages to give balance and concentration to the zodiac sign of Gemini.


Known as the mother of gems for its beauty and variety, emerald is the most stimulating stone for the zodiac sign of Taurus, as well as the best lucky charm in love.


Known in ancient times as the king of the precious stones, ruby ​​helps Aries to recharge energy thus represents its strength and vitality.

Buying Guide

I have set a budget to buy my gift diamond. How do I choose the stone?

The value of the stone is based on a combination of four parameters also knows as the 4Cs of diamond quality that is: Carat (the stone's weight), Cut (the stone’s shape and proportions), Color, and Purity (Clarity). Therefore, when choosing a diamond one should decide whether to buy a bigger stone with a color of inferior quality (yellower) and/or minor clarity (more inclusions) or a smaller but colorless stone (D, E or F color) with almost no inclusions or none at all. To make your choice easier Fullcut selects and sells only fine cut diamonds with the highest quality combination of color and clarity. Furthermore, our stones are all certified by IGI the International Gemological Institute of Antwerp, Belgium .

What are the benefits of having an international gemological certificate?

This certificate makes your purchase totally safe. Since the quality of your diamond has been independently assessed you have the guarantee that yours was an informed purchase and that the stone is worth exactly the price paid. Furthermore, the certificate guarantees that the diamond is a true natural stone. A certificate issued by an independent laboratory such as IGI of Antwerp, is internationally recognized.

FULLCUT DIAMONDS sells diamonds from 0.04 ct to 0.50 ct, and stones of higher weight in carats are readily available upon request. To request a diamond with carats other than those in the online shop, please contact [email protected] to receive a personalized offer.

FULLCUT DIAMONDS only sells finely cut diamonds Good and Very Good.

FULLCUT DIAMONDS only sells diamonds falling into two of the highest color categories: River (D, E and F colors) and Wesselton ( G and H colors).

FULLCUT DIAMONDS are included into the two highest clarity grades: VVS (very very small inclusions) and VS (very small inclusions)