Fullcut it's the classic round brilliant diamond born to celebrate all the important occasions of life with a classy gift that does not go unnoticed and that defines the moment forever. With its elegant aluminum gift box, customizable with your inscription or your wishes, it's a perfect gift for a round-number anniversary, birthdays, for your maid of honor, to show professional esteem for your associates and employees or to celebrate the important occasions of your life. Fullcut is a perfect, complete gift: all you have to do is just adding your inscription. The package includes:
  • the round brilliant natural diamond in the carat weight, clarity and color of your choice inside the anti-counterfeit blister;
  • Inside box housing the blister and the card (IGI Antwerp numbered certificate);
  • Gift box in satinized aluminum with your inscription (optional), in rose gold or silver;
  • Shopper bag branded Fullcut.
Are you looking for a different weight in carats? Send us a message via Whatsapp to get pricing informations and possible waiting times. And if yours is a recurring gift, for a birthday or an anniversary, you can go for the diamond upgrade every year to increase the carat weight and the value: find out how to do it here.
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The diamond you’re about to buy is certified by IGI of Antwerp and enclosed in a special anti-counterfeit blister, along with the numbered certificate listing carat, clarity, color and cut, and certifying its proved value on both national and international markets. A real international passport of the diamond, valid all over the world, which guarantees the authenticity of your purchase. Any time, you can insert the certificate report number on IGI website and check the value of your stone in real time.

Shipping & Return

14 Day Right for Withdrawal Clause

Money-back guarantee

Delivery and return free of charge for a gift diamond purchased through our website!

You also have 14 days from reception date to change your mind and return the diamond free of charge with a refund of the whole amount paid.

You may return your diamond without giving us any reason.

To return the diamond the stone must be in the same condition and in its original packaging as well as being inside its sealed anti-counterfeiting blister which must be intact and never been opened. Also the diamond’s numbered certificate issued by IGI of Antwerp must be returned at the same time. In case of refund of a personalized product we will hold back 20€ for the print.


Cut: Classic round cut expressly designed to enhance all the diamond’s beauty – 57 facets of which 33 on the top, 24 on the pavilion and the 58th at the apex of the stone.
Quality: Two types of clarity and color: Premium and Top. Premium is marked G-VS2 (very small inclusions) and Top is marked F-VVS2 with very very small inclusions.
Box: Gift box in satinized aluminum with your inscription (optional), in rose gold or silver.
Customization: Every gift box is customizable with your inscription.
 Box dimension  Customization example

Special diamonds for uncommon gifts


The birth of a child is a special event, to celebrate with a precious gift that remains forever, like a Babycut diamond, customizable with your inscription to the newborn.


A declaration of love, an engagement or a wedding anniversary, a birthday or a romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day - Lovecut the heart-shaped diamond is the perfect gift to declare or renew your love.


Fascinating, mysterious and rare: the black diamond is Blackcut.


A real diamond, the purest ever. Grown by man in the laboratory.

Buying Guide

I have set a budget to buy my gift diamond. How do I choose the stone?

The value of the stone is based on a combination of four parameters also knows as the 4Cs of diamond quality that is: Carat (the stone's weight), Cut (the stone’s shape and proportions), Color, and Purity (Clarity). Therefore, when choosing a diamond one should decide whether to buy a bigger stone with a color of inferior quality (yellower) and/or minor clarity (more inclusions) or a smaller but colorless stone (D, E or F color) with almost no inclusions or none at all. To make your choice easier Fullcut selects and sells only fine cut diamonds with the highest quality combination of color and clarity. Furthermore, our stones are all certified by IGI the International Gemological Institute of Antwerp, Belgium .

What are the benefits of having an international gemological certificate?

This certificate makes your purchase totally safe. Since the quality of your diamond has been independently assessed you have the guarantee that yours was an informed purchase and that the stone is worth exactly the price paid. Furthermore, the certificate guarantees that the diamond is a true natural stone. A certificate issued by an independent laboratory such as IGI of Antwerp, is internationally recognized.

FULLCUT DIAMONDS sells diamonds from 0.04 ct to 0.50 ct, and stones of higher weight in carats are readily available upon request. To request a diamond with carats other than those in the online shop, please contact [email protected] to receive a personalized offer.

FULLCUT DIAMONDS only sells finely cut diamonds Good and Very Good.

FULLCUT DIAMONDS only sells diamonds falling into two of the highest color categories: River (D, E and F colors) and Wesselton ( G and H colors).

FULLCUT DIAMONDS are included into the two highest clarity grades: VVS (very very small inclusions) and VS (very small inclusions)