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  • Zodiacut (12)

    Zodiacut Zodiacal signs - Product picture
    Zodiacut<h3>Zodiacut: to each sign its lucky stone</h3> Zodiacut is the line of zodiac stones to be given as a lucky charm: each sign is in fact associated with a precious stone that brings with it numerous benefits for psychophysical health and is perfect to make an elegant gift on the zodiac\\\'s theme. Learn more
  • Fullcut


    The Fullcut diamond, a classic to celebrate life's occasions

    Fullcut is the classic round brilliant diamond made to celebrate the important occasions of life as a classy gift that does not go unnoticed and that fixes the moment forever. With its elegant aluminum case in rose gold or silver customizable with your inscription or greetings, it is a perfect gift for a round number birthday, an anniversary, for the maid of honor, to manifest the professional esteem for a collaborator or for every important occasion of your life, those who do not wait for the commanded feasts.

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  • Babycut

    Babycut Diamante Nascita Confezione Rosa - Foto Prodotto

    Babycut, the gift diamond for christening, birth and all the anniversaries of children

    Babycut is the diamond to be given in the occasione of the birth, baptism and birthdays of children. All diamonds are IGI Antwerp certified and guaranteed conflict-free, and enclosed in an exclusive aluminum gift case with your inscription to the child, available in pink, blue and green. You can choose the classic brilliant cut in white or the rare pink color, and the exclusive heart-shaped cut.

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  • Lovecut

    Lovecut Diamante a Cuore per Anniversario - Foto prodotto

    For the anniversary, to celebrate Valentine's Day and love in all its forms

    An elegant way to declare your love or to celebrate a fantastic birthday! Lovecut's gift case comes in a glazed red aluminum with laser engraving, and customizable with your love inscription.

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  • Blackcut

    Blackcut Diamante Nero- Foto Prodotto

    I'm black, I'm the night, I'm the mystery...

    Something precious to give to those who love the dark side of life, a mysterious gem with a discreet charm to be mounted on a custom jewel: it's Blackcut, the black diamond.

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  • Bluecut

    The gift for the latest tech innovations lovers and those who desire one of the purest diamonds in the world with an extraordinary light, only possible in the very rare and very expensive natural class IIa diamonds. Bluecut is a real diamond grown in the laboratory instead of natures. Bluecut gift boxes are made of blue satinized aluminum and can be customized for free with your inscription.