To each zodiac sign its birthstone

Zodiacut is the line of birthstones to be given as a lucky charm.
Each zodiac sign is indeed associated with a precious stone that brings with it numerous benefits for psychophysical health. The Zodiacut stones are perfect for making an elegant gift on the zodiac’s theme and are a good omen for those who receive them.

Each Zodiacut includes:

  • the birthstone kept inside an anti-counterfeiting blister;
  • internal custody
  • card describing the benefits of the birthstone;
  • gold-colored glazed aluminum gift box, customizable with your inscription or birthday wishes;
  • Zodiacut branded shopper.
  • Pisces

    Zodiacut Ametista Pietra Zodiacale Pesci - Foto Prodotto

    Legendary purple stone, it is a symbol of prosperity and health, as well as birthstone of the zodiac sign of Pisces to which it gives balance.

    89,00 Buy
  • Aquarius

    Zodiacut Quarzo Ialino Pietra Segno Acquario - Foto prodotto

    An universal conductor capable of reflecting pure white light, the rock crystal illuminates thoughts and awakens the spirit: it is connected with heaven and the zodiac sign of the Aquarius.

    89,00 Buy
  • Capricorn

    Zodiacut Onice Nera Segno Zodiacale Capricorno - Foto Prodotto

    A bithstone of volcanic origin, black onyx is connected to the I chakra and to the sign of Capricorn to which it gives strength and discipline.

    89,00 Buy
  • Sagittarius

    Zodiacut Turchese Pietra Segno Sagittario - Foto Prodotto

    Turquoise is one of the oldest stones used to make jewelry. This gem vibrates with many chakras and is associated with the Sagittarius, to which improves communication and creativity.

    99,00 Buy
  • Scorpio

    Zodiacut Acquamarina Pietra Segno Scorpione - Foto Prodotto

    Aquamarine, the sea water crystal, is the stone that helps to overcome the problems of the past and stimulates changes in the spirit. Associated with Scorpio, it helps this sing to clarify his emotions.

    99,00 Buy
  • Libra

    Zodiacut Lapislazzuli Pietra Segno Bilancia - Foto Prodotto

    With its bright blue and the unmistakable gold veins, Lapis Lazuli favors the sign of Libra and its search for harmony in relationships.

    89,00 Buy
  • Virgo

    Zodiacut Zaffiro Blu Pietra Segno Vergine - Foto prodotto

    Always used as a powerful talisman, the blue sapphire is a royal stone, associated with the sign of Virgo, which helps in concentration and self-discipline.

    109,00 Buy
  • Leo

    Zodiacut Diamante Giallo Pietra Segno Leone - Foto Prodotto

    Gem that recalls gold, the primordial element of Leo, the yellow diamond infuses light and strength to this sign, promoting relief from everyday' stress.

    149,00 Buy
  • Cancer

    Zodiacut Perla Pietra Segno Cancro - Foto Prodotto

    The natural pearl is perhaps the first gem known to man and represents the sign of Cancer, which helps to overcome daily adversities with calm.

    99,00 Buy
  • Gemini

    Zodiacut Agata Pietra Segno Gemelli  - Foto Prodotto

    Agate is an ancient stone, already present in the Bible, which manages to give balance and concentration to the zodiac sign of Gemini.

    89,00 Buy
  • Taurus

    Zodiacut Smeraldo Pietra Segno Toro - Foto Prodotto

    Known as the mother of gems for its beauty and variety, emerald is the most stimulating stone for the zodiac sign of Taurus, as well as the best lucky charm in love.

    109,00 Buy
  • Aries

    Zodiacut Rubino Pietra Segno Ariete - Foto Prodotto

    Known in ancient times as the king of the precious stones, ruby ​​helps Aries to recharge energy thus represents its strength and vitality.

    109,00 Buy