IGI Antwerp and Conflict Free certified diamonds

All Fullcut diamonds are certified by IGI of Antwerp and are sold in a special anti-counterfeit blister, along with a numbered certificate

IGI Antwerp card certificate with univocal numbering listing carat, clarity, color, cut and certifying its proved value

All our diamonds come from respected suppliers who comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

The importance of a super partes certificate

Unlike most gift diamonds on the market, our diamonds are all certified by a third party, independent entity – theIGI of Antwerp, the biggest independent international gemological institute in the world – whose task is to provide the exact value of the stone as it is, through the classification of the 4 Cs, from the initials of the factors that determine its quality:

  • carat, which is the weight;
  • cut;
  • clarity, which is the purity;
  • color.

The IGI Antwerp certificate is the plastic card that accompanies our diamonds inside the gift box: it presents the unique stone allocation number, the certification date, the values of 4C and the presence or not of fluorescence.
On the card you’ll find the QR code: framing it with the smartphone camera, the code will take you to the official website of the IGI for the online verification of the certificate issued by the institute, thanks to the service “Verify Your Report”.
The verification allows you to confirm in real time that the information contained in the card match with the one recorded in the IGI database: you can also download an electronic pdf copy of the certificate.
For a desktop verification you can check out the IGI site and enter the certificate number to get the same information.

The difference between this certificate and the “home-made” certificate (i.e. compiled by the company that sells the diamonds itself) lies in the judgement impartiality of the third-party certifier, which has no interest in “improving” the description of the diamond for the purpose of selling it more easily.

Fullcut selects and proposes IGI-certified diamonds only to give a gift of certain, guaranteed and safe value to the important people in your life.

Diamonds and precious stones are not all the same, and their value varies as a result of the unique characteristics of each stone.

You can safely purchase your diamond on Fullcut, as the IGI certification that accompanies it and guarantees the value of the stone, is accepted and recognized all over the world.

Your certificated diamond is enclosed inside the special anti-counterfeiting blister and uniquely associated with the certification that attests to its qualities according to the international standard of the 4C rule with registered identification number to trace back at any time on the Institute’s website.


The IGI Antwerp certificate guarantees the quality and value of the diamond worldwide, for a safe purchase.


In fact, buying and selling a diamond should only be possible together with the certificate that attests to its quality and value: the IGI certification is the basis of trust and security in the world of gems, and should be considered as an essential part of any diamond trade. A certificated diamond it is a durable and affordable asset: a precious gift and a small investment intended to maintain its value and also to increase it over time.



We only sell safe and conflict free guaranteed diamonds from countries not involved into war conflicts, for an ethical and safe gift


Transparent provenance in accordance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS)


As a company member of the Antwerp Diamond Exchange, we guarantee an ethical and safe purchase on our website.

All diamonds for sale on Fullcut Diamonds come in fact from suppliers who adhere to the Kimberley Process (KPCS), which is the commitment signed by the Union of Governments, Civil Society and Industry to remove war diamonds from the global supply chain.

The so-called war diamonds are the rough ones, used in the world to finance wars against legitimate governments. The Kimberley Process is a multilateral agreement established in 2003 with the aim of preventing the flow of war diamonds through strict import/export controls, transparency in data exchange, exclusive trade activities with members who meet the requirements of the agreement and conflict-free certified shipments.

The participants of the agreement are the states eligible to trade in rough diamonds. Since November 2018, 55 are the participating members representing 82 countries, where the European Community counts as a single participant.

The biggest producers, exporters and importers of rough diamonds are among the partners in the agreement. The diamond industry, through the World Diamond Council, and civil society groups are also an integral part of the KP. These organizations are involved from the outset and continue to contribute to the actual implementation and monitoring of operations.


Luxury Aluminum gift case customizable with your inscription, to celebrate every occasion

Each diamond purchased from Fullcut can be changed at any time for a heavier one or for one of higher value

All our diamonds and stones have money back guarantee and free return within 14 days

A diamond for every occasion

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Fullcut it's the classic round brilliant diamond to celebrate life's important occasions with a classy gift that fixes the moment forever.
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