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Babycut Diamond

Babycut is the gift diamond for new-born babies and children for christenings, baby showers, first communions and confirmations, and for all children’s celebrations.



  • Classic round cut expressly designed to enhance all the diamond’s beauty – 57 facets of which 33 on the top, 24 on the pavilion and the 58th at the apex of the stone.
  • Two types of diamond - Premium Quality and Top Quality. Both top level for colour and clarity. Premium is marked H-VS2 (very small inclusions) and Top is marked F-VVS2 with tiny inclusions.
  • The Fullcut gift diamond is unique for its exclusive aluminium designer case and the smart designer bag.
  • A birthday, a graduations, a company’s complimentary gift, a sign of esteem for someday important in your life. The perfect present lasting a lifetime to be set in a jewel or to be kept as a souvenir.

Delivery and return

Purchasing this diamond, delivery and return are free of charge. The stone will be sent within the day or maximum the following day and you will receive it within 5 working days. Choosing the bespoke printed inscription on the box, you could still return your purchase, but you will be refunded for the original amount spent except for the cost of the print, which is 35 €.


Diamond in counterfeiting blister in exclusive aluminium designer case and the smart designer bag.



The diamond you wish to buy will be certified and inserted in a special anti-counterfeiting blister along with a numbered certification card listing all details such as carats, clarity, colour and cut. This will be proof of its value on both national and international markets.

Babycut: the Gift Diamond for New-born babies and Children

The gift diamond for christenings, baby showers, first communions and for all children’s celebrations.

For a splendid celebration of a child’s birth Fullcut has designed the Babycut line of gift diamonds.

For a special christening present from the godmother or godfather as a show of their love. 

For an original gift at a baby shower party to celebrate the mother and the child to be born with a unique and everlasting present.

To mark a child’s spiritual journey such as the first communion and confirmation with a gift symbolizing purity.

To make a birthday into a special occasion when a young life enters adulthood.

When expressing your love to a child there is Babycut. 

Babycut, Is the line of round cut  diamonds for new-born babies and children. An elegant gift for a baby shower, a christening, and communion or a confirmation, and why not, for a fantastic birthday! Babycut gift cases are available in pink, blue and green. And for a fantastic gift to accompany the child into adulthood, you can decide to upgrade the diamond every year up to the age of 18, changing it with one of higher quality, with a small increase in price.  

A christening, a baby-shower, a communion and a confirmation, a birthday, an act of love for the new-born baby and mother: a round cut Babycut diamond is the perfect gift to wish a bright future to a child. An everlasting present which will always be a reminder of your love.  

The importance of certifications